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  1. Chhoti si umar me ye kaisa laga rog.

    WOW, writer, editor, film archivist ?

    No wonder your selection of 1930's songs were so impeccable. I knew it ! And now I have traced the source of Alaknanda. God bless you and may more power come to your grey cells. Continue the good work. Cinema becomes richer by your touch.

    Read Andrew Sarris on: Auteur Theory.

    Bye, Gopal Pillai from kalyan, india.

    1. Touched by your very generous words. The title film archivist is more or less self-imposed! Glad you enjoyed my collection of old excerpts. More to come. Soon hope to get back to writing here more regularly--far too many interruptions in recent years. Your appreciation should be a good motivation :)

      I have read Andrew Sarris on Chaplin; have also briefly dipped into his essays on auteur theory when I was in university. I will probably understand him better now. Thank you for the suggestion.